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„Model AG“

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Warning of hidden charges at ‘Model AG’ (
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Warning of hidden charges at `Model AG' ( For all aspiring models, it is highly recommended that you read the `Terms of Use' (AGB's) of this particular website ( , as they hide the fact that they charge a yearly fee of over 50 for their so called `service' in their long AGB's and you are contracted to them for two years. It is a dubious service which becomes apparent when looking at their user numbers on, which show very low rankings in both Germany and Switzerland, so it is questionable how successful this service will be for any model. Furthermore, it is a known fact that respectable model agency's do not charge for their services as they will make their money from the commission when placing models in `work' so questions have to be asked why this particular model agency charges their `clients' a yearly fee of over 50 and binds them to two years (the second year can be cancelled) but it is rather difficult to find the page to do so. Obviously, every model has to make their own experience but there are so many good model agency's out there that no one should have to pay for a model agency, especially one which hides there charges.


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